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How it works



Two 'not-easy' method used to read BLOSUM table in PERL.

my @aa1_list = split(/\s+/,$aa1_line);
  • This splits the line with whitespace (space, tab, etc.). The pattern in '//' sign is called regular expression (I mentioned this in my lecture), and it recognize a pattern in the string. For example, '\s+' means 'one or more(+) whitespace(\s)'. You can find more information about PERL regular expression at .
$score_map{$tmp[0]}->{$aa1_list[$i]} = $tmp[$i];
  • This is called 'hash of hashes'. The reason why I use this data structure is (1) I cannot initialize two dimensional array in PERL (means it is little bit complex to handle this in array form), and (2) all I need is to access the value with two amino acids. $tmp[0] (row) and $aa_list[$i] (column) are two amino acids, and $tmp[$i] is BLOSUM50 score for their substitution. As you see later in the code, you can call this score by $score_map{'A'}->{'S'}. See here for more about 'hash of hashes'.