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Before you start

  • To use this setting, your TACC account needs to be allocated to our lab project('A-cm10'). If you don't have an account, create it at Then, ask Edward to assign your account as a member of lab project.
  • Generally, 'longhorn' has shorter queue than 'lonestar'. So if you don't need large memory(> 4GB), use 'longhorn'.
  • Always work at $SCRATCH directory, not at /corral or your $HOME.

Currently installed packages

These packages are installed at lonestar.

  • TPP-4.5.1 + X!Tandem (2010.10.01.1)
  • /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/tppbin/xinteract (integrated wrapper for *Prophet)
  • /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/tppbin/tandem (X!Tandem with k-score support)
  • Crux 1.37
    • /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/bin/crux
  • Tide 1.0
    • /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/bin/tide-index
    • /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/bin/tide-msconvert
    • /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/bin/tide-search
  • MSGFDB (20120106)
    • /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/MSGFDB/current/MSGFDB.jar
  • InsPecT (20120109)
    • /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/bin/inspect


  • All source codes are available at /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/.
  • All packages are installed at /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/.
  • To run InsPecT, you need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for expat library. Type below command before running InsPecT (or put it on '$HOME/.profile_user'
 $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/lib/" 

Install MS-toolbox & MSblender

  • I recommend to install MS-toolbox at your home individually, because everyone may want to use different search parameters.
$ module load git
$ cd ~
$ mkdir git
$ cd git
$ git clone
$ git clone
  • You don't need to compile MSblender codes under 'src' directory. Executable file is already available at /corral/utexas/A-cm10/src.MS/local/bin/msblender.