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Web supplement for 'Huse HK, Kwon T, Zlosnik JEA, Speert DP, Marcotte EM, Whiteley M, Parallel evolution in Pseudomonas aeruginosa over 39,000 generations in vivo, mBIO, :in press (2010) PubMed '


Supplement Tables

  • Table S1. Strains
  • Table S2. P. aeruginosa orthologs
  • Table S3. Affymetrix microarray annotation
  • Table S4. P. aeruginosa annotation
  • Table S5. Differentially expressed genes between progenitors
  • Table S6. Differentially expressed genes within isogenic groups (compared to each progenitor/first strain).
  • Table S7. Differentially expressed genes between isogenic groups.
  • Table S8. Functional enrichment data for Table S7
  • Table S9. Functional enrichment data for Table S6

Microarray data

CEL files

Gzipped TXT files

Probe mapping to PAO1

Genome/Annotation data

All data were downloaded from on November, 23, 2009.