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This is a page for integrated gene models of Xenopus laevis, released in October, 2012. "Oktoberfest" is a name of dataset.


Input data

  • JGIv6 scaffold
  • Reference cDNA/EST
    • From XenBase (GenBank accession)
    • Mike Gilchrist's EST collection (mgEST*)
    • John Quakenbush's EST collection (TC*)
    • JGI's cDNA collection (XeXen*)
  • Assembled transcripts

Analysis procedures

Known issues

  • Orientation of the cDNA/EST mapping figure may be incorrect. Translation to protein coding is only checked for representative sequences (2-3 sequences per genomic region), so some transcripts that still support gene structure may be oriented in opposite direction. It will be fixed in next release.
  • Some genomic regions do not have tree figures, because of newick utilities error. It will be fixed in next release.


  • Next release is planned near Thanksgiving, 2012.